Mordecai - Short Film - Coming Soon


Mordecai is a short film I had the privilege to work on as Director of Photography. Hours before our official shooting time at our backup location, we got a call that we were allowed to shoot at our first choice location, an abandoned pickle factory. This location had its ups, like how epic it looked with its old structure and rotting feel. It also had its downs, I hadn't seen the location prior to us shooting there. This made it harder for me to judge where to draw power and how our blocking would change with the new layout. Luckily this barrier didn't defeat us and we had a great two-day shoot!


This was my first film shooting with the Red Epic Dragon. For those who don't know, this camera sits right near the top of the food chain, as far as cameras go. Its picture quality is beautiful especially at 5k red raw and easy to grade in post-production.


My team was some of the best I've worked with and made the whole experience fun and enjoyable -- even in the cold, snowy conditions. Our Producer, Lauren Bailey, got us some top quality talent and pulled off an amazing location to shoot at.   Director, Andrew Palladino, gave us a great vision and direction over the whole project. Joelene Arndt, our 1st Assistant Director, kept us on schedule and on point. Cam Lewis will head up post-production and wrap up the project with the edit. I can't wait to work with this team again!


Check out the trailer below!


    The Trailer