Chasing Twisters - Music Video


What a fun project this one was! I worked on set as a camera operator and lighting assistant. I also edited with Lauren Bailey (Director) in post-production.


We originally planned on shooting this project over 4 days, Thursday through Sunday. However, most of our plans were to shoot at magic hour so we relied on the sun for this one.  Thursday came along and we didn't get the right shooting conditions so we pushed the shoot until the following day. Friday came and we had the same conditions as Thursday, overcast and no sign of the sun. At this point we had to start the shoot, we couldn't push it off any longer. The beach party scene was scheduled for that day and contained our largest set piece with the most extras involved. We couldn't reschedule.


When it came time to shoot that Friday evening the sun still wasn't out yet. We didn't have very much equipment but we did have my battery powered light panel. When turned all the way to tungsten we were able to simulate warm sun in all of our shots. Towards the end of the night the sunset became visible on the horizon and turned our sky to a lovely purple. Combine that with our light and you couldn't tell that the sun wasn't out. The shots turned out so well that I now prefer to shoot magic hour shoots in overcast with warm tungsten lights. The overcast makes beautiful soft blue fill light everywhere and contrasts nicely the hard tungsten light making a beautiful picture.


The following day, Saturday, the sun worked in our favor and provided a beautiful magic hour. We shot our band scenes in that light. We were able to finish all our band shots ahead of schedule so we set out for the woods to finish shooting out running sequences. We were able to finish all of our shots on Saturday night that we didn't need Sunday to shoot.


Since Sunday was now open, Lauren Bailey and I edited all Saturday night and finished up our first rough cut by Sunday afternoon. If you take into account that the cover song was recorded the previous weekend  and we finished the first rough cut Sunday afternoon, then this whole project was started and finished in about a weeks time.


On this project we decided to shoot with two Lumix GH4s, one on a shoulder rig with a tighter lens and the other on a Ronin camera stabilizer with a wider lens. All of our narrative scenes were shot in 60fps to be slowed down in post-production for the slow-motion effect. The band scenes were shot in regular 24fps to contrast our slow-motion narrative.


Overall, this was such a fun project for me to work on. I can't wait to work with this group of filmmakers again. If you would like to check out more and see the fun yourself then check out the Chasing Twisters Behind the Scenes video I put together.